Resident’s Visit to Myrtle Beach touched Local’s Heart

Hello Mr. Gabbard,

My name is Karen and a few weeks ago I read an article about you in The Sun News.  Your story touched our hearts.  I showed the story to my husband and told him I would like to make something special for you out of shells I have collected.  It brought a tear to his eyes that I would think of someone else when I am so busy caring for him.  He is 53 and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer this year.  It was very shocking news to say the least.  I have a small shell club and one of my friends Jackie also wanted to make something for you.  She made the box and put shells inside that she has collected as well as the shell crafts and angel.  A friend of his made you the wall hanging and donated money to help with shipping costs.  It was a group effort and we hope you enjoy the box of gifts.  I have attached a shell chart so you can see all the different shells that can be found on the beach.  I am so happy that your dream came true and hope that my dream of having my husband get well will also come true.

Happy Holidays,
Karen & Chuck Fox, Jackie McAtier, and Linda Groover

P.S. If you ever get to come back to the beach call me and we will take you shelling!