Proud Mother receives visit from accomplished children

Eastern Kentucky native, Elizabeth Reddick seemed extra thankful this November 22nd, when her son, Jeffrey Reddick joined his sister, Shaina and family for Thanksgiving Dinner at Lee County Care and Rehabilitation Center.  Jeffrey, who graduated from Breathitt High School in 1987 is best known for writing “Final Destination” and several other film and TV projects.


Elizabeth, who grew up in Athol, KY, has seen and lived through, almost a century of history.  She saw medicine create vitamins, pacemakers and vaccines for polo and other diseases that wiped out many once-fatal illnesses.  She was there when science learned how to harness atomic energy with the discovery of nuclear fission, discovered the planet, Pluto, shot the first rocket into space and developed The Big Bang Theory.    


But Elizabeth wasn’t a mere bystander of history.  She participated in it as well.   She worked at a factory, building airplanes, during World War 2.  She lived through The Great Depression.  When Elizabeth was born, women still didn’t have the right to vote.  Not only did that change, and Elizabeth helped in the fight for the equality of women, but she owned her own business.  She also was active in the Civil Rights movement. 


Elizabeth eventually moved back to Athol.  She owned, and worked, a farm while raising two children and caring for her aging parents.  She has stayed in Eastern Kentucky and currently resides at The Lee County Care and Rehabilitation Center.  Jeffrey and Shaina both graduated from Breathitt High School.  Jeffrey attended Berea College and moved to New York to pursue a career in entertainment.  He currently resides in California and is grateful to his mother for encouraging him to pursue his dreams.  “Even if she wasn’t my mother, I would think she’s an amazingly strong and inspirational woman.  She raised us to have high morals, treat everyone with respect and think for ourselves.” Jeffrey said.  “Everything I am, and ever will be, I owe to her.”  Shaina went on to receive her Bachelors degree and serve her country on active duty for almost 15 years.  She still serves in the local reserves, works for the government and comes to visit Elizabeth on her days off.


Elizabeth has led a fascinating, and blessed, life and beloved by her family and friends.  She is as proud of her two children as they are of her.  Having both of them with her on Thanksgiving is an annual tradition, and something this special lady is truly grateful for.